[Reviews] Motive

The newest Kellerman novel is a real page turner...

[Reviews] Guilt

Something, something... more Alex Delaware. And that's a good thing, mostly.

[Reviews] Victims

A thrilling but atypical installment in the beloved courtesy, made more memorable by a serial killer who just won't quit.


Mystery is another solid entry in the Alex Delaware series, though perhaps the very definition of "going through the motions." Sometimes, that approach works out okay, and sometimes it doesn't. This is one of those times when it does work.

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"Deception" has an accurate title, and the summary from the publisher is arguably guilty of perpetrating more of the same.

Ostensibly, the story is about the investigation into the murder of Elise Freeman, a teacher who works at a prestigious prep school in the area. When investigators respond to a call and find her corpse resting in a bathtub full of dry ice, they also discover a DVD with a chilling message from the deceased. She recorded it before her apparent murder, and in the footage she names three teachers who tormented her during her time at the academy.

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"Evidence" is the 24th book in the Alex Delaware series written by Jonathan Kellerman. The cover art depicts a man wading through some ocean surf in a sunset. The cover has nothing to do with anything that happens in the book.

The title fares considerably better, and I feel that the book itself is one of the most interesting recent installments in the series, so I guess I can forgive a generic image of someone (Alex, I guess) taking a seaside stroll. The lack of interest in doing things right mostly doesn't extend to the volume's text.

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"Bones" is book 23 in the Alex Delaware series of novels by Jonathan Kellerman. He has had his ups and downs over the last few installments, but this is one of the better ones.

The case begins with the discovery of a young woman's body. She has been dropped by the side of a marsh, and cadaver dogs soon find that hers isn't the only corpse in the area. Someone has been using the area as a dumping ground, for reasons not quite clear, and it's up to Alex and Milo (his police lieutenant buddy) to solve the case.

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