[Reviews] Flesh and Blood

Going through the motions takes Alex Delaware to some unlikely places this time around...

[Reviews] Dr. Death

An enjoyable read that winds up being enjoyable in spite of itself.

[Reviews] Monster

There's a good story here, but it doesn't come together as well as a lot of the Alex Delaware mysteries do...

Survival of the Fittest

On a field trip, the mentally challenged teenage daughter of a foreign diplomat goes missing. When she is finally found, it's too late for her. Someone has killed her and her body has been posed, but there are no signs of sexual assault. It's a tragedy, and three months later, it's still an unsolved case.

Milo Sturgis winds up on the case at that point, and he turns to his psychologist friend, Alex Delaware. The two men hope to answer a question: why would someone commit such a crime? If sex wasn't the driving force, there must be some other reason, but nothing springs to mind and they're concerned that--as is so often in cases like this one--other victims will follow.

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The Clinic

Three months ago, brilliant feminist writer Hope Devane was fatally stabbed beneath a tree not far from her home. The LAPD looked into the crime, but they ran short of leads and the case was shuffled around until it fell on the desk of the disfavored--though often quite effective--detective, Milo Sturgis.

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The Rosetta Key

If you read through "Napoleon's Pyramids," as I did recently, then you know that its conclusion (though dramatic and interesting) isn't satisfactory if what you were really looking for is closure. The characters you have grown to love over the course of that novel do not have their futures tied up in a neat little bow. It feels very much like you've just reached the intermission during a viewing of Gone with the Wind.

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In Case You Forgot, Game Reviews Are Awesome

Yesterday and now again today because people are suddenly talking about it on Twitter, I've been thinking about how important consumer-facing game criticism is in 2015, in spite of the common complaint people express that it has become just the opposite.

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