[Reviews] Napoleon's Pyramids

Meet Ethan Gage, a hero with an interesting past that manages to be dull and a scattered present that manages to entertain.

[Reviews] The Web

The tenth book in the Alex Delaware series is in many ways a vacation from the norm, but no less thrilling because of it.

[Reviews] Self-Defense

Kellerman somehow manages to use a character's recurring dream as the basis for an interesting new investigation by Alex Delaware.

Bad Love

I'm not sure why, but every sleuth I read about who appears in enough volumes within a single series will eventually--it seems--happen across a serial killer who is out for his or her blood. For Alex Delaware, the popular psychologist who features in most of Jonathan Kellerman's novels, that moment finally comes in "Bad Love," the eighth installment in the long-running series.

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Devil's Waltz

"Devil's Waltz" doesn't have a plotline that sounds particularly interesting. At least, it didn't particularly intrigue me. I read the novel anyway, because it's the seventh one in the series and I know by now that author Jonathan Kellerman can turn just about any concept into a great story.

That's not to say the premise ever sounded awful. It just didn't strike me as one with a lot of potential to provide the sort of thrills typically encountered by recurring protagonist Alex Delaware and his friends.

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Private Eyes

"Private Eyes" is the sixth entry in Jonathan Kellerman's popular series of novels about child psychologist Alex Delaware. If you're starting from the start of the series and working forward, it currently represents around the 20% mile post, and still it's difficult to know what to expect from each new title.

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HonestGamers Wants YOU!

I admit it: I can be boring. But I'm really excited about HonestGamers and its potential to be one of the first sites people look to when they're ready to read high-quality video game reviews and guides.

If you enjoy writing about games, reading about them, collecting them or just talking with other gamers, please keep reading to find out why the site is worthwhile and how you can get involved in the capacity that works for you.

What is HonestGamers?

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