[Reviews] Time Bomb

There's some difficult subject matter here, and a generally good story that's probably best told only to fans of the series.

[Reviews] Silent Partner

A twisting, clever novel that mystery and thriller fans should both enjoy.

[Reviews] Over the Edge

The third novel in the series mostly charms as Alex Delaware investigates his most interesting case up to that point.

Blood Test

The second novel about Alex Delaware, "Blood Test", is not as good as the first one. It's shorter and less ambitious, the descriptions are less artful (though there are still some fantastic lines), and the ending feels overly abrupt, capping off a number of actions by its protagonist that seem unlikely, even fanciful. Still, it's a decent read.

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When the Bough Breaks

I recently decided to give Jonathan Kellerman a shot, since I'd seen his books praised for a few years now, and I started by reading "Killer," which is the 29th book in his Alex Delaware series. I enjoyed that volume enough that here I am, starting from the beginning with "When the Bough Breaks."

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I had occasionally seen Jonathan Kellerman's books in stores, but the covers never really grabbed me and in the few instances when I picked one up anyway and read the back blurb, that didn't do much for me, either. He's a prolific writer, though, and has appeared regularly on bestseller lists for some time now. Some fellow mystery readers also recommended his work when I asked who I should be reading, so that was encouraging, too. I finally decided to give him a proper chance. The book I chose as a starting point--for no reason other than pure convenience--was "Killer: An Alex Delaware Novel."

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A Mind to Murder

"A Mind to Murder," the second novel from P.D. James, was written in 1963. That's more than 50 years ago, and the story the novel tells is one that would have had to be updated considerably in order to pass as a 2015 creation.

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