[Reviews] The Night and the Music

A decent collection of short stories that Scudder fans should find interesting, but probably worth skipping if you haven't read the novels.

[Reviews] A Drop of the Hard Stuff

This return to Scudder's comfortably familiar past feels a whole lot like the last novel we'll ever get to read about him.

[Reviews] Cover Her Face

A fairly straight-forward and extremely satisfying manor house mystery in the vein of Agatha Christie.

All the Flowers Are Dying

If you start reading the Matthew Scudder crime novels from the very beginning of the series and you keep going until you reach "All the Flowers are Dying," you will have developed a strong connection to the principle characters and that will most likely keep you reading. It's certainly the primary reason I myself kept going. If I weren't so interested in the characters, though, I'm not sure I would have made it to the last page.

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Hope to Die

"Hope to Die," following so closely after "Everybody Dies," is a bit of a disappointment. That's the bad news, but it's not awful news because the story is still very good.

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Everybody Dies

Lawrence Block's books typically have intriguing titles that quote obscure poetry but otherwise only make sense once you've read most of the way through the story. There's a conversation or something and suddenly you understand what the title means and the revelation is quite striking.

With "Everybody Dies," the fourteenth book in the Matthew Scudder crime novel series, Block went with a different approach. All you have to know is that the title is very nearly a plot summary and then you're up to speed. It's as simple as that.

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Even the Wicked

I'm not entirely sure what I'll do once I read the last of the Matthew Scudder novels, and at my current rate, I'll find out sooner than I'd like. "Even the Wicked," the latest installment I've read, is the 13th of 17 novels Lawrence Block wrote about his most popular character. And since the last proper novel happened in 2011 and was followed by a short story collection that supposedly wraps things up so perfectly you'd swear it's the endů well, let's just say I'm enjoying the ride and sad to know it's about to end.

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