[Reviews] Missing Joseph

Besides missing Joseph, this novel is missing much in the way of the characters that might prompt a person to read it in the first place.

[Reviews] A Ticket to the Boneyard

Keep sunshine and rainbows on hand, just to balance things out as you brave this descent into darkness.

[Reviews] For the Sake of Elena

Not one of the strongest entries in the generally strong series, but still well worth reading if you're a fan.

Out on the Cutting Edge

"Out on the Cutting Edge," according to some stuff I've read online, is a book that Lawrence Block hadn't expected to write. The previous volume in the series, "When the Sacred Ginmill Closes," was at one point supposedly going to be the end of the series. Its conclusion makes those claims credible, even. Block has gone on to write numerous additional installments, however, and the first of those… is this one.

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A Suitable Vengeance

"A Suitable Vengeance," the fourth novel from Elizabeth George featuring Inspector Lynley, feels like it has to be the result of its author challenging herself to see how well she could do at creating a novel that Agatha Christie might have produced if she were alive and writing in the 90s. As it turns out, the answer is that George can do pretty well.

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When the Sacred Ginmill Closes

The title of "When the Sacred Ginmill Closes (Matthew Scudder Series)," the sixth Matthew Scudder novel from author Lawrence Block, is taken from the song "Last Call," by Dave van Ronk. It is apparently an a cappella tune, and its subject matter is--predictably enough--a crew of drinkers who are enjoying their final drinks before they head home from the bar.

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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" will be pulled from Netflix streaming in a few days, and I had kind of always wanted to see it, so last night I watched it. Going in, I thought it was a Billy Wilder film, and I was expecting to laugh a lot. It turns out Billy Wilder had nothing to do with the film, but I still enjoyed it. I just didn't laugh much.

The movie is a comedy, but more than that, it's a musical. There are a bunch of points when the leads stop what they are doing and start belting out songs with whoever happens to be around--sailors or entertainers mostly--and since the movie is only an hour and a half long, that songbird tendency eats up a lot of the time that might have been put to better use on narrative.

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