[Reviews] Well-Schooled in Murder

An interesting mystery, solved by interesting people as they grapple with interesting problems outside of work.

[Reviews] Sleeping Beauty

Watching this film for free on Netflix before they pulled it and I would have had to pay for the privilege was the right call...

[Reviews] LA Cops

All of the 70s references in the world can't save this game from being a chore...

Eight Million Ways to Die

"Eight Million Ways to Die," the fifth Lawrence Block novel featuring Matthew Scudder, is also my favorite book in the series up to that point. I enjoyed the previous volumes, with their look at an unlicensed private investigator working the streets of New York that he once patrolled as a cop, but they never felt as substantial as this newest tale does.

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A Stab in the Dark

"A Stab in the Dark," the fourth novel about Matthew Scudder from novelist Lawrence Block, was for some reason more difficult to track down than its immediate predecessors and successors were. I wound up having to pay a lot more than I wanted to in order to snag a new copy of the paperback. It was worth the effort, though, because this is another fine installment in a series that I quite enjoy.

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Payment in Blood

Before I read "Payment in Blood," I happened across another reader's summary of the novel which stated that it's a difficult one to get through, but that the effort is worthwhile because that paves the way for subsequent books in the series. As I've not yet read any further than this second volume, which I finished last night, I can't say how much I agree with the second part of that other reader's statement. The first part, though, is accurate enough.

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In the Midst of Death

From what I can tell from publication dates, Lawrence Block wrote two Matthew Scudder books in one year. The second of those is "In the Midst of Death," which I just finished reading. Like "Time to Murder and Create" before it, the third novel in the popular detective series bears none of the hallmarks of a rush job.

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