[Reviews] The Sins of the Fathers

A quite serviceable first novel about a character I suspect I'll soon love.

[Reviews] Grace Takes Off

Hyzy is a strong writer and Grace Wheaton is a solid character, which makes for a mostly enjoyable mystery.

[Reviews] Murder on the Half Shelf

Not as cozy as I would have liked, but still a perfectly intriguing read in places...

Shoes to Die For

A Laura Levine mystery novel is a reliable treat, and one of the things I like most about the series is that you can read the books in any order you like. There's continuity, but it's all surface-level stuff. In a day and age where booksellers practically go out of their way to avoid stocking the early volumes in a given series, it's nice to know that you won't miss out on anything important if you pick up a random title.

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A Great Deliverance

"A Great Deliverance," the title of the first mystery novel from now-popular author Elizabeth George, sounds like a Biblical reference… and it is. The story is preceded by a quote from the book of Judges, and the first character presented--though he mostly plays a minor role in the proceedings--is the elderly Father Hart.

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Murder in Thrall

"Murder In Thrall," the first installment in a new-ish mystery novel series from novelist Anne Cleeland, is the clumsy start to what might in subsequent volumes prove an interesting venture.

As the novel begins, readers are introduced to Kathleen Doyle, the viewpoint character. She is an Irish policewoman with distinctive red hair and the unlikely, almost magical ability to intuitively know when people are lying or when a situation isn't quite right. This she does with no explanation provided other than that she is blessed with a gift.

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Cloche and Dagger

"Cloche and Dagger," the first novel in a new series from New York Times bestselling author Jenn McKinlay, was just the book I needed at the time I read it. I haven't read any of McKinlay's previous books, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading. What I found was a delightful setting, populated by equally delightful characters and situations, but a not especially compelling mystery. Still, as an introduction to a new series, I'd call that a decent start overall.

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