[Reviews] Lean Mean Thirteen

I liked this book, and I like this series, but I'm running out of things to say. Read this review to watch me try, in spite of that.

[Reviews] Twelve Sharp

It's solid enough to entertain, but probably not a good entry point for series newcomers.

[Reviews] Eleven on Top

Breaks free of the expected formula in some pleasing ways, resulting in a more enjoyable story than the series has recently delivered.

Ten Big Ones

I'm not sure why, but to me, the number 10 suggests that something will be great. I'm always especially interested in the 10th installment in a series, and often that actually works out for me. I think the people who create things must share my interest in that lovely number.

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To the Nines

When I'm done reviewing a book myself, I'll often check on Amazon to see how my thoughts compared to those of other readers. I especially have fun looking at the 1-star reviews, which typically are written by clueless folks who must find reading to be quite the ordeal. "I didn't expect there to be violence in this murder mystery about people killing each other," they basically say. "I was looking for a family friendly read!"

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Why Are Sites Posting About Mafia III So Much?

Permit me to paraphrase for a moment, because it's not like the specific words matter. What matter are the ideas, which you have probably seen communicated dozens of times in recent months. Anyway, here's a conversation typical of those you'll see play out in the comments section at the end of a lot of articles these days:

Person 1: Why is there so much coverage for this upcoming game?
Person 2 [condescendingly]: It's because this site's writers are paid by the publishers to shove the game down your throat. You know it's true because they also wrote a lot about some other past release that I didn't like.

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Hard Eight

Janet Evanovich's eighth Stephanie Plum novel, the appropriately named "Hard Eight," didn't hold my attention as easily as most of the ones that came before it, at least not at first. The heroine is still going through the motions, and there aren't a lot of surprises. At first.

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