[Reviews] G Is for Gumshoe

A tense mystery thriller, with a killer of a subplot and an interesting case to keep your mind delightfully busy.

[Reviews] F Is for Fugitive

Kinsey Millhone finds out that digging up a cold case can lead to murders in the present, courtesy of another crazy killer.

[Reviews] E Is for Evidence

A satisfying blend of everything Sue Grafton does best, and a very personal case for the intrepid Kinsey Millhone.

Does the Wii U library really contain no games?

How bad is the Wii U's available software lineup? Pretend for a second that you can't play the entire Wii library on it (with slightly upgraded visuals), which is a huge freaking deal for someone just considering a return to the world of Nintendo entertainment. Ignore Virtual Console. What does that leave?

Earlier today, I posted on Twitter to suggest that people who dismiss some systems--and certainly, I had Wii U partly in mind--as having "no games" simply don't like a variety of genres. I like games in most genres, wrestling and sports sims aside, so I'm fairly easy to please. My comment prompted the response that I was making an excuse which shouldn't apply to a system that has been on the market for a year.

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D Is for Deadbeat

"D Is for Deadbeat" is the first Sue Grafton novel to leave me anything less than utterly delighted with the mystery I just read. It's not a bad novel by any means, but the ending didn't quite work for me despite its author's welcome attempt to shake up the formula a bit.

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Why should anyone pay people to write about games?

Almost any time I ask for money in exchange for anything I might write about games, an unspoken question hangs in the air: why should someone pay me when they have friends who would happily play games for free?

It's not an unfair question, on the surface, but it's also a question people wouldn't have on their minds as often if they only understood that writing about games--however enjoyable and rewarding it may often be--is a job, much like any other. Furthermore, time on the job isn't actually spent just playing games. The writing is what someone is paying for. Often, the person doing the work isn't even earning minimum wage.

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Father's Day Murder

The most recent time I was in a position to buy random books at the local department store, they were a pleasing 33% off the cover price and I was feeling confident enough in my bank account balance that I decided to try a few books from authors I hadn't previously read. One of those authors was Leslie Meier, who writes the "Lucy Stone Mystery" series.

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