[Reviews] Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (Xbox 360)

My (slightly disappointed) take on the Xbox 360 port of the indie platformer originally released on Vita in 2012.

[Reviews] Crimson Joy

Spenser and Susan will have to work together if they want to catch a deadly serial killer with a thing for flowers.

[Chatter] Celebrate your passion for games by writing about them at HonestGamers

We're looking for gifted writers to share their love for games old and new, mainstream and indie.

Pale Kings and Princes

If Robert B. Parker ever wrote a novel on auto-pilot that still managed to show his beloved character (that's the Boston private investigator, Spenser) doing what he does best, then that novel is " Pale Kings and Princes." Here, you'll find all of the stuff that makes the series such a delight to read, perfectly arranged with all of the boxes checked. The result is an enjoyable romp, despite not being a particularly challenging one.

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Taming a Sea-Horse

When last readers of the Spenser series of novels saw April Kyle at the end of "Celebration," she was headed along a path that represented the lesser of two evils, sent that direction with a reluctant and enabling blessing by Spenser and his friend, Susan Silverman. In " Taming a Sea-Horse," readers and Spenser learn where that path took the girl.

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A Catskill Eagle

The twelfth Spenser novel is called " A Catskill Eagle," and it's another one that feels quite a bit different from the typical one to come before it. The story this time around begins as Spenser receives a letter from his estranged lady friend, Susan, who is living in California and deciding whether she might love another man more than she does Spenser.

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How would you like to be a patron of the ar-- er, the video game...

For some people, Patreon has proven to be a wonderful means of securing funding to do fantastic things. I've tried it previously, and it hasn't worked out so well for me because the stuff I was trying to do wasn't (I don't feel) different enough from what a lot of other people are doing. I'm back with a fresh attempt, though, and I'd like to tell you about it right here.

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