[Reviews] Valediction

I wouldn't be completely shocked if this winds up being my favorite Spenser novel in the series...

[Guides] Watch Dogs

I've completed what I anticipate will be the intensive part of my Watch Dogs guide project, so I'm sharing.

[Reviews] The Widening Gyre

Spenser is back in a story that focuses more on the mystery of evolving relationships than on the business of mysteries.


The ninth volume in Robert B. Parker's series of novels about Spenser, " Ceremony," briefly introduces the reader to yet another dysfunctional family. Even though their daughter April has apparently been seen working as a prostitute in the bad part of town, the tale's initial villains are the overbearing father and the mother who timidly allows him to make life miserable. Spenser and Susan are unsurprised that their daughter ran away, shortly before she might have graduated high school.

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A Savage Place

Judging by an introductory page positioned ahead of the first chapter, Robert B. Parker's novel " A Savage Place" derives its title from the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem, "Kubla Khan." It's an apt description for a book that finds returning hero Spenser, the sleuth with a poet's soul, leaving his native Boston for a case that plays out on the Hollywood fringe.

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Early Autumn

" Early Autumn," the seventh Spenser novel by Robert B. Parker, tells the story of several atypical weeks in the sleuth's life, but they don't actually play out in that particular season. The title is a metaphor, because of course it is. This is Parker we're talking about.

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Looking for Rachel Wallace

It's no spoiler to say that Spenser spends much of " Looking for Rachel Wallace," the sixth book in the series about the wisecracking detective from Boston, looking forů Rachel Wallace. It's right there in the title, and in the blurb on the back of the book also.

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