[Reviews] The Judas Goat

Spenser's fifth case is bigger than ever, in an international sort of way.

[Reviews] Promised Land

There's a bit too much talking and not enough mystery in the fourth Spenser novel.

[Reviews] Nutjitsu

Even if you like games about acorns, you might not be nuts about this one.

Mortal Stakes

The third Spenser novel is titles “Mortal Stakes,” which is a clever title for reasons that a general plot summary makes clear. Spenser has been called to see if there’s unpleasant truth to a baseball club manager’s suspicion that one of his best pitchers is occasionally throwing games to keep gamblers happy.

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God Save the Child

God Save the Child” is Robert B. Parker’s follow-up to “The Godwulf Manuscript,” and as sequels go, it’s pretty good. The first novel felt a bit more polished, though, and I would imagine Parker spent longer working on it to get things just right. I don’t get that same sense here, but I was still quite satisfied with the end result.

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Announcing HonestGamers Guides

Since early Friday evening, I've spent very nearly every waking hour putting together something very important to me and possibly to the future of HonestGamers. This afternoon, I finally put the finishing touches on that project.

The project to which I am referring is a brand new CMS (content management system) that will facilitate the creation of new HTML guides. As part of the effort, I also put together this Mega Man 2 guide. I wrote the original draft of the guide way back in 2004, but now I've revised it and added brand new screenshots. I figure it's the perfect way to showcase what my new CMS can do.

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The Godwulf Manuscript

Robert B. Parker passed away in 2010, but he left behind more than 60 novels that were sufficient to earn him a reputation as one of the greatest mystery writers in recent memory. I knew I would read some of his work eventually, after seeing his name dropped everywhere, and last night I started from the beginning.

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