[Reviews] Peggle 2

Bounce, bounce, bounce---c'mon, c'mon, c'mon... bucket! Yeah!

[Chatter] On reviewing for the money...

I guess it's time to take my turn addressing the mistaken belief that critics award the scores they do for the money...

[Reviews] Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon converts a special sort of place into a digital attraction and I definitely recommend the results, imperfect though they may be.

What's so great about freelancing for HonestGamers?

At some point in your near or distant future, someone should pay you to write amazing things about video games.

Though I wish I could say otherwise, I currently am not that person. I just barely make a living as a freelancer myself, and on the side I run a site called HonestGamers that I hope someday to turn into one of the most successful niche game sites on the Internet. I'm a long way from realizing that goal, even after 15 years of constant effort, which means I'm left to write articles like this one. I have to try to convince you in a few hundred words that out of all the webmasters who will attempt every day to get you to write for their sites (essentially) for free, I am the one with the most to offer you.

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33 titles that belong on the Virtual Console

If you ever go to a used game shop, you will (with any luck) find hundreds of NES titles, many you may never have played or even knew existed. The NES was supported with hundreds of titles over its lengthy lifespan, and that's something the Virtual Console was supposed to let us explore. However, most games never made it to the service. They were held up by a variety of issues, including licensing issues and publishers that went out of business, and now they are consigned forever to memory and expensive eBay auctions as premium titles become collectibles.

Although there are a lot of great titles on the service, there often seem to be just as many that still haven't made that trip. Below is a list of the 33 NES titles I would most like to see brought to the service.

Astyanax (Jaleco)

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Super Mario 3D World

Don't you just hate hyperbole? I can sit here and say that Super Mario 3D World is one of the absolute greatest Mario games ever created, and your natural reaction is--I would imagine--to think to yourself that I'm probably full of it.

The thing is, I've played a lot of Mario games, and I can't remember another one that "got it" as thoroughly as this one does. Or, perhaps I should say, I can't remember playing another one in the series since Super Mario Bros. 3 that put things together so beautifully. I prefer it even over Super Mario World, my de facto second-place finisher until just this week.

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On reviewing for the hits...

I'm tired of people saying that I--or any number of other critics--awarded a game a certain score "for the hits," but it's an accusation that comes up every bit as often as the "for the money" one (which is similarly stupid, but a topic for another day). I'm tired enough of the "for the hits" claim that I'm going to explain a few of the many reasons why "for the hits" is not a reason that I have ever awarded a game a certain score (you know, besides just being an honest guy in general).

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