[Reviews] Knack

Sometimes, even at a system's launch, it's okay to just be a really good platformer title.

[Reviews] Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall would need to be prettier still to get me to overlook its numerous flaws...

[Chatter] PlayStation 4 is in the hou-- er, apartment!

Say hello to the newest member of the household...

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

I remember looking through a list of upcoming releases at Amazon a few months back and stumbling across a listing for Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, a game that until that point I hadn't even been aware was in development. I filed it away for future reference and then promptly forgot about it.

A few weeks later, I found that the game had been released, and I decided to see about obtaining a review copy. I made my request and the game showed up a few days later. Now I've written a Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures review at HonestGamers, which I of course encourage you to read.

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Final Exam

In hindsight, converting my portfolio site so that I now get to write a brief story to accompany each new review I get published elsewhere was probably a mistake. Sometimes, there's just not much I care to share about how I came across an assignment or how it went beyond what I've already written on that other site.

Final Exam, my most recent assignment from GameSpot, is one of those reviews. I got an email asking if I wanted to cover it, I decided that I did, and then I played the game and turned in the draft in the appointed time. There was no unusual drama, just me playing the game alone and with a friend. It all went well, in a thoroughly unmemorable fashion, and that was that.

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The Guided Fate Paradox

When I started playing The Guided Fate Paradox, I expected a game that was quite a bit different than what I got. It looked a lot like the Disgaea series, which I enjoy, and so I expected a similar take on the strategy RPG. Instead, I got a dungeon crawler.

I'm not complaining, mind you. Or at least, I'm not complaining much. Check out my The Guided Fate Paradox review at HonestGamers and you'll find that I mostly enjoyed the change of pace. It's just that the game falls short in some areas.

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The thing about Forced is that if you play it the way it was intended to be played, by multiple players who join together and talk to one another on Teamspeak or Skype while they adventure together in challenging arenas, it can be a lot of fun. The thing about Forced is that--at least for now--it's not typically possible to do that.

When I was offered the Forced assignment, I took a look at some screens and read about the concept and I thought "Hmm, that sounds interesting." And it is an interesting game, with some truly unique mechanics that are put to wonderful use. Again, though, that's truest if you're able to enjoy them with friends. The game accommodates a single-player experience, but it's not always particularly good at it.

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