[Guides] The Last Remnant

A huge guide covering the game's campaign... and the 2/3 or so of the adventure that many players will never see.

[Guides] Kirby's Return to Dream Land

Return to Dream Land with Kirby and find all the hidden goodies using my detailed walkthrough.

[Guides] Iron Man 2

Make your experience with this crummy license-based title a little more tolerable by turning to my detailed walkthrough...

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light

The Final Fantasy series is known for its epic adventures, but the stories in the earlier titles--most especially the first one--felt a lot more intimate. I sometimes miss the classic JRPG experience, which is probably one reason that I wound up enjoying Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light as much as I did.

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Dungeon Siege III

In the olden days, writing a guide for IGN meant that you had to put together a single document file and then send it to an editor at IGN so that it could be laid out and made pretty and organized for a web audience. If there were complications, some back and forth had to happen by email. If the editor did things with your work that you didn't like, you had to deal with it.

Fortunately, I never had bad experiences with that setup, because my editor was awesome. However, IGN eventually implemented a new wiki format that works even better. With the new format, I could work on the guide and place it online as I wrote it, and linking between one section and another was an easy, natural process. It's definitely a superior experience overall.

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Driver: San Francisco

I had no experience with the Driver franchise when the demo for Driver: San Francisco launched online, but it looked like an interesting game so I downloaded it and messed around for around 45 minutes. I had some issues with that experience. The driving controls felt awkward, and I kept coming over the top of hills and ramming into cars I'd had no way to see coming. It was clearly a well-crafted game, but I wasn't sure whether I would take the next step and buy it or not.

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Sweet Fuse is now at my side

I know that most people have moved onto the Vita by now, if they're still playing handheld games on Sony platforms at all, but the PSP is not quite done. There are occasional digital releases even now, and sometimes you'll even find a proper retail release.

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side is one such retail release, and it comes from Aksys Games. The game actually made it to Japan in June of 2012, but some projects take longer to find their way to North American shores than others do. This one took a relatively long while, perhaps because it's so unique. Check out this partial description from the back of the case:

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