[Opinion] That's no way to send Fox News a message

Pestering your gamer friends to boycott a channel they already don't watch won't accomplish a thing...

[Chatter] What can you expect from my blog going forward?

Going forward, I'm planning a lot of content that I think you might find exciting. Here's a summary of what's to come...

[News] GTA 5 sales top $1 billion in only three days

The worldwide haul for Grand Theft Auto V should be sufficient to make shareholders cry tears of joy.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation

I was a huge Dragon Warrior fan when I was younger, so it put me in a bad mood for weeks when Nintendo Power showed me how awesome Dragon Quest V was going to be and then Enix Corporation closed its North American offices just before the game could be released.

Years passed, and emulation entered the picture. I briefly tried that approach, but I didn't get past the opening scenes. I knew I wasn't experiencing the game the way it deserved to be experienced, and I held off while hoping for a change in the future.

Finally, that change came in the form of the DS remakes. Numbers 4 through 6 in the series were remade, and they came to North America at last (though my efforts to finally play them might have been foiled again if Nintendo hadn't stepped in to localize and publish them).

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Disney Epic Mickey

Nothing forces you to appreciate just how much went into a game like writing a guide for it does, as I was reminded when I went to work on my Disney Epic Mickey guide for IGN. On the face of things, it seems like a simple little adventure, but it was packed with trinkets to find and secrets to unearth.

I go into detail on that count in my Disney Epic Mickey review over at HonestGamers, but that's the short version. In a sense, the guide I wrote for IGN is the long version. It allowed me to devote a lot more words to each of the unique elements that made the game so special, even if the goal wasn't critical analysis.

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Demon's Souls

When I accepted an assignment writing the Demon's Souls guide for IGN, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. I knew that it was supposed to be a tough game, but I'm reasonably good at RPGs and I wasn't nearly as concerned by that reputation as I probably should have been.

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Dark Souls

To date, the only guide that I have written for GameSpot was this Dark Souls walkthrough. It also happens to be one of the best guides that I've ever written, and it got my foot in the door so that I was able to contribute other sorts of content at that outlet. Thank you, Dark Souls!

I didn't go looking for the Dark Souls assignment. In fact, I had made up my mind that I wouldn't be writing a guide for that game after producing the IGN one for Demon's Souls took so much out of me. But then I got an email out of the blue and that changed my mind. I went to work immediately.

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