[Reviews] Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

A good platformer title for Vita that doesn't last long enough to become truly great.

[Reviews] The Splatters

Launch from your starting point, then cause as much mayhem as you can before you cease to exist. Cool!

[Reviews] Scarygirl

Join Scarygirl and friends for a haunting adventure in the forest.


Satazius is not the greatest horizontal shooter ever created. It's not even in the top 10. However, it's a fun title that sticks to a lot of what made the genre great in the first place, and that makes it part of a dying breed that maybe gamers should care more about.

One problem with attempts to revive mostly dead genres is that those efforts come from people who mean well but who can't necessarily put the familiar elements together in a way that feels worthwhile. Satazius doesn't suffer that fate, and it's easy to see why Capcom chose to put forth the minimal effort that must have been necessary to localize it for Steam.

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Rush Bros.

Rush Bros. is a unique game in that it offers a fairly intense platforming element and allows you to mix it with the music of your choice. That music then has some impact on how the level progresses, which is a neat concept that I wish the developers had been able to take further.

When I sat down to write my Rush Bros. review for GameSpot, I knew that I had to touch on the musical side of things right away, even though it was in some ways disappointing, because it still is unique enough to be interesting. So I related a bit of my experience, which involved playing through a large number of levels while listening to various Meg Myers songs on loop.

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Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking

I have enjoyed the Rabbids games ever since the first one offered such a great time at the Wii launch. Since then, the franchise has gone a lot of interesting places, some good and some bad. Arguably, they haven't made a single other stop that fared as poorly as this Kinect one, however.

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It's difficult to believe that the better part of two years has now now passed since I reviewed Quarrel. I remember playing through it like it was yesterday, which isn't something I can say about every game I get to cover. Some stuff passes out of my mind rather quickly.

When I played Quarrel, I wound up buying the keypad for my Xbox 360 controller, just so I could enter words more quickly, but I wasn't used to it and that didn't actually help me improve. I wound up sticking with the standard buttons sticks, which let me enter words somewhat quickly but not quickly enough to really excel at the game when I was playing against the tougher AI opponents. Going at it with online friends worked much better and is clearly the ideal way to play.

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