[Reviews] Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise

There's a good brawler here, even if it doesn't smell like it.

[Reviews] The Kore Gang

An old school platformer finds a suitable home on Wii.

[Reviews] Jet Set Radio

An HD port of a classic Dreamcast title proves that some memories simply aren't worth revisiting.

Happy Wars

When I played Happy Wars, prior to writing my review, I spent a lot of time trying to connect to games that ultimately timed out and booted me. This proved to be a problem for me and for any friends I played with, as well. When we were able to connect, the game would usually remain connected for its entire duration (though perhaps as often as 30% of the time, it would not), but getting that first connection was a pain.

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Gotham City Imposters

One of these days when I have some spare time, I'm going to have to take another look at Gotham City Imposters. Back when I played and reviewed it, the game was a blast to play... provided the matchmaking worked. The problem is that it so very rarely worked.

I played Gotham City Imposters on multiple systems and definitely favored the Xbox 360 edition. It felt like Call of Duty, only with a lot of changes that made for more interesting play. I still remember swooping and gliding around the interesting arenas, and I'm sure it would still be fun if the game still has an active community (which it very well may).

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Fist Puncher

Here in 2013, we get to play games that look like Rayman Legends, so it can sometimes be difficult to accept stuff that looks like it was developed for the SNES or, even worse, the Genesis. However, those games can sometimes provide a good time for those who are willing to look past uninspiring visual design.

For me, Fist Puncher proved to be one of those games. It definitely has flaws, which I describe at length in my proper Fist Puncher review at GameSpot, but it also kept me entertained for a long while and probably would have amused me even longer if I kept going after clearing the campaign.

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How should we respond to SEGA's acquisition of Atlus?

A recently updated Gameinformer post reports that Sega Sammy has acquired Index Corporation (the parent company in charge of game developers Atlus and Interchannel) for a sum roughly equivalent to 141.1 billion dollars. So that's your news: Sega now owns Atlus, or will once everything is finalized.

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