[Reviews] The Expendables 2

An action game based on an action movie that I apparently like more than a lot of other people do. How about that?

[Reviews] Escape Plan

An early Vita title that likely suffered for its proximity to the hardware's launch.

[Reviews] Dungeon Twister

A board game you probably haven't heard of works just fine as a video game you probably also haven't heard of.

Do Not Fall!

Do Not Fall is a fairly descriptive title, I found when I reviewed the game of that name for GameSpot. It features a variety of different characters running around on platforms in the sky, all to gather precious liquid from vending machines.

Like Super Monkey Ball, Do Not Fall makes it difficult to remain on solid ground, and failure is both cute and grim, all at once. Levels don't take long to grow quite frantic, and there definitely are some frustrating moments (especially in the final third or so of the game, which is much more demanding than the cheery visuals would suggest).

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Deep Black: Reloaded

Funny story: about halfway through Deep Black: Reloaded, I reached a point where I could progress no further. I'd load a level and start my way through a particular corridor, and then somewhere in that corridor--which of course had to be cleared--the game would freeze. This happened many, many times.

Frustrated, I reached out for technical assistance. Ultimately, that assistance deleted my save file and I had to start fresh. That was not good news, because the game is frightfully dull, a proper slog. So I had to play through about half of it more than once, and once I was able to keep going from the chamber where I got stuck, things didn't get any better.

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If you've read some of my other posts, you already know that I have a soft spot for tower defense. So do a lot of other gamers, it seems, and plenty of developers. Zen Studios, typically known for its pinball efforts, is one such developer. The team turned its attention to medieval madness and tower destruction and produced CastleStorm, one of the more engaging downloadable titles I've played this year.

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Some months back, when I came upon hard times, I finally sold my Kinect hardware. I don't miss it much. Aside from a few gems (the Sesame Street game from Tim Shaffer was quite good), the hardware hasn't enabled the sort of game experiences you'd likely want to have. Mostly, it seems to have produced gimmicky, rather broken fare... stuff like Blackwater.

When I accepted the Blackwater assignment, I thought I would be in for a reasonably good time. It soon had me rolling and dashing around my living room, just as it should, but I soon realized that I actually wasn't having any fun. The game was too rough--through and through--and the Kinect elements weren't enough to save it from disaster.

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