[Reviews] Battleship

Whatever awful things you've heard about the movie, multiply that by 10 and you have the game...

[Reviews] Battleblock Theater

An arena of death. Death, I say! DEATH! Do you hear me?

[Reviews] Babel Rising

Playing God can be a lot of fun, but it's far from perfect.

A Valley Without Wind 2

I've now reviewed more than 30 games at GameSpot, and (as far as I know) this is still the only review of mine that got the video treatment. I have no idea why that was the case, either, because nothing about the game screams "Make a video out of me" any more than anything encountered in the other games I reviewed.

With that said, A Valley Without Wind 2 was a lot of fun. There were some awkward moments at the start, but I was surprised how much I loved it once I sunk some time into it and got a handle on how the various elements come together. Then I went beck and played the previous release (which the publisher kindly made available to anyone who got the sequel) and I was amazed by how much the sequel improves on the interesting original.

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Tales of the Abyss

Joystiq publishes something called the "deja-review," which is a fancy term meaning that if a game was widely available years ago, a review of an updated release of that title will be shorter and will focus specifically on how it fares on the new platform compared to its original release.

As a freelancer, Tales of the Abyss was my chance to dip my toes in that water. I was already familiar with the older release from covering it previously (I believe for Hardcore Gamer Magazine), and I had liked the game enough at the time that I picked up a retail copy even though I already had a review build. That made it easy to play the old game and the new one again when I landed the assignment at Joystiq.

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New Super Luigi U

I remember playing The Lost Levels on the old Super Mario All-Stars cartridge and being amazed by how difficult the game was compared to Super Mario Bros. Poisonous mushrooms, a slew of bottomless pits and numerous other hazards made for a punishing follow-up to one of the greatest platformers of all time, and mostly you might say I survived the ordeal more than I enjoyed it.

One of the more memorable aspects of that title was Luigi's improved jumping ability. He went from being a palette swap to taking on an identity of his own, one that also had been noticeable in the North American version of Super Mario Bros. 2. I finally got the message from Nintendo: Luigi jumps higher than his more rotund brother does.

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth

I really do appreciate a good tower defense title. Though I had played games with certain elements of that popular genre, I became hopelessly addicted to the mini-game included in 3D Dot Game Heroes. Plants vs. Zombies also charmed me to no end, and since then I've played a number of other leading titles within the genre, as well.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth offered me the chance to experience it all from the other side. Perhaps predictably, I found myself charmed all over again.

If you'd like to see just why the game worked so well for me, read my Anomaly: Warzone Earth review over at Joystiq.


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