[Reviews] The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam

A fun new mystery series, with interesting characters making the most of similarly interesting settings.

[Reviews] One for the Money

A strong start to a series that (wouldn't you know it?) actually deserves to make all of those appearances on bestseller lists.

[Reviews] The Matarese Countdown

A meaty thriller with a winding and action-packed (but rather improbable) story to tell.

Home of the Braised

Julie Hyzy has written a number of books in the generally solid Manor House Mystery series, and I read two of those before discovering an unrelated series of novels from the same author about a White House chef named Olivia Paras. The concept sounded interesting, so I jumped right in with the seventh installment, "Home of the Braised."

As the novel began, in the White House kitchen, I had no idea what was happening. The first chapter started out rather abruptly but things quickly improved as I got my bearings. The story that followed from there grew steadily better. The slow start is unfortunate, but at least it covered some important ground.

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Plot Boiler

"Plot Boiler," by Ali Brandon, is the fifth book in a series of novels about Darla Pettistone, a New York entrepreneur who runs a bookstore that she inherited from her aunt and solves crimes that occur in the local community.

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Words with Fiends

As you might have guessed, the title "Words with Fiends" is a slight twist on the name of a popular mobile game that was all the rage several years ago, Words with Friends. It was a Scrabble knockoff that even inspired board games that some stores started selling instead of Scrabble. The app was ludicrously popular.

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

"Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder" is the first of more than 20 novels that author Joanne Fluke has written about Hannah Swenson, a baker living in the fictional Minnesota town of Lake Eden. I've seen the books around for years, but I only recently decided to give them a shot.

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