[Reviews] Asura's Wrath

Someone got gameplay in my anime.

[Reviews] The King of Fighters XI

A budget-priced fighting game offered some of the best fighting available during the PS2's final days.

[Reviews] The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific

History isn't pretty, but did the game really have to turn out so darn ugly?

Atari Classics Evolved

One interesting thing about writing for GameRevolution is that the outlet is looking for an edgy tone. Around the time I wrote a few reviews for the site, I had just finished a period where I spent a few years purging my writing of the "lame" attempts at humor I once employed, after readers complained. Then when I tried to write for GameRevolution, I had to try and inject personality.

I tell you this because, of course, the review begins with a forced metaphor. I like to think I actually made the metaphor work in the end, but you'll notice some of my word choice throughout tends toward the metaphorical a bit more than it usually might. At least it didn't prevent me from including some straight-up analysis along the way:

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Victorious Boxers Revolution

My review for Victorious Boxers Revolution was, I believe, the second review that I wrote for Realm of Gaming. I was pretty happy with how it turned out at the time, probably because I bothered to research the cartoon upon which the game was based and that made me feel scholarly.

When I was offered the chance to review the game, I also received a copy for use at HonestGamers. That one I passed onto Brian Rowe, who wrote this review. He definitely was not impressed with the game, but I liked it more than he did.

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Twisted Metal: Head-On

When I wrote about Twisted Metal: Head-On for Realm of Gaming in 2008, it was one of the last releases for PlayStation 2 and it seemed quite impressive. Now, five years later, I don't know that I'd recommend it to anyone because high-definition gaming means that any but the newest Twisted Metal will look rather poor on your television set.

At the time, Twisted Metal: Head-On represented a nice trip down memory lane. Twisted Metal: Black came out on the day I first bought a PlayStation 2, and was my first purchase for the system. That followed my previous purchase of Twisted Metal as my first game for the original PlayStation, so you could say I have a history with the series.

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Tornado Outbreak

Not quite two years ago now, Jason Leyanna of Realm of Gaming convinced me to write a series of reviews in exchange for review copies. It was a good way for me to get my hands on some games that I'd always planned to try, and it was a good way for him to get additional content for his site at a good rate (since he mostly wouldn't agree to anything that carried a retail price of more than $20 at the time).

One of those games I asked for was Tornado Outbreak, which had a vibrant cover and had always looked to me like a decent Katamari Damacy clone. When I played through it, I found that my general overall impression was rather accurate. Tornado Outbreak proved to be a mildly enjoyable game, with some minor issues that sucked more fun out of it than they probably should have.

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