[Reviews] Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey

Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey is a forgettable port of a PC affair that I can't imagine was ever any good...

[Reviews] Metroid: Other M

And then there was the one time the Metroid series tried to be Ally McBeal...

[Reviews] Kirby's Epic Yarn

A delightful romp through Dream Land proves that Kirby is one of Nintendo's most versatile mascots.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

When Jason Leyanna asked me if I could think of anyone who might be interested in reviewing Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, I threw my own name into the ring and he immediately accepted. The game was sent on its merry way, and a few minutes later I headed out to my own mailbox and found a copy waiting for me.

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Duke Nukem Forever

By the time Duke Nukem Forever finally released after more than a decade in development limbo, I was more than ready to see what the fuss was all about. I didn't need to review it for my own site, though, because I'd already assigned that task to Tom Chick (who wrote this excellent review). So when Jason Leyanna asked me if I knew anyone who might be able to cover the game for him at his outlet, I volunteered my own services.

Perhaps I shouldn't have done that. Though Duke Nukem Forever had spent a long while in development, it quickly became clear that the years hadn't allowed the team to craft anything worthy of the delay. My thoughts at the time went something like this:

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There are some times when my freelance work keeps me less busy than others. Jason Leyanna, the webmaster at Realm of Gaming, caught me during one of my less busy times and made an offer: he would provide me with a reasonably priced game I had always meant to pick up, if I in exchange would immediately play through it and write him a review. It wasn't an arrangement that we often repeated, but in this particular instance it allowed me to obtain a shooter I had been curious about.

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Cave Story 3D

I wrote this review most of two years ago, for fellow webmaster Jason Leyanna. He has run Realm of Gaming for several years now. At the point when I wrote this one in November of 2011, I had already written several reviews for the outlet. As I spend a weekend uploading records of those old reviews to the updated version of my portfolio site in a batch, though, I see that it would be a prohibitively time-consuming project to make sure that everything reflects the original order in which it was posted. Sorry about that!

Cave Story 3D was a fun little platformer, but it had some flaws too. What follows is an excerpt from the review...

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