[Games] Watch Dogs

I've completed what I anticipate will be the intensive part of my Watch Dogs guide project, so I'm sharing.

[Games] The Witcher 2

Check out my guide for one of the greatest Western RPG's ever crafted.

[Games] Toy Story 3

A license-based game that's actually good? Yes! And this guide can help you get through it in great shape...

Thor: God of Thunder

I have yet to see the movie "Thor," even though it has received some rather high praise and features some impressive talent. There are many possible reasons for this oversight, but I can't help but feel that I was soured on the whole thing because the video game tie-in disappointed me so much.

Check out my Thor: God of Thunder review if you want the full story. The short version is that SEGA produced another barely average brawler, then allowed it to be crippled by technical issues (somewhere, I think I still have video of a glitch I found that I could only resolve by restarting a rather expansive level) and generally rough edges.

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Terminator: Salvation

Would you believe that I've never watched a Terminator film from start to finish? Once while I was on break at work, I saw part of the second film on TV because someone had left it on that channel, but I never even got to see Arnold. Nearly everything I know about that film series comes from jokes people make on the Internet.

Well, and from playing Terminator: Salvation for PlayStation 3 when I wrote the guide for it...

As my Terminator: Salvation review will tell you, that wasn't the best of experiences. The game was a bit glitchy, and the design was rather unimaginative. I guess the film is pretty decent, but you wouldn't know it from playing the overly generic game.

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Super Scribblenauts

Before I received an assignment to write a guide for the second installment in the series, I had watched the Scribblenauts franchise with interest. It seemed like something that would be right up my alley, but I was going through a phase where I didn't like to buy a lot of portable games, and that kept me from pulling the trigger.

Eventually, when IGN offered me related work, I finally got to dip my toes in the Scribblenauts universe. As my Super Scribblenauts review will attest, I liked what I found. As someone who loves words, the basic concept appeals to me a great deal, and the team at 5th Cell did a great job of turning that promising idea into a solid puzzle experience.

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Super Monkey Ball 3D

As a long-time fan of SEGA's most popular primates, I anticipated that any Super Monkey Ball 3D review I might write would end with a recommendation that you pick up the game at the earliest opportunity. After all, there was once a point when I had to decide between purchasing Super Mario Galaxy and Super Monkey Ball 2 and I went with the latter.

Unfortunately, Super Monkey Ball is a franchise that hasn't ever really been as good as it was for its first installment. I keep buying the new ones and hoping for the best, but I've been disappointed more often than not.

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