[Games] Why Are Sites Posting About Mafia III So Much?

Are they paid shills, or is there actually a perfectly benign reason that makes a great deal more sense? Nah, that couldn't be it!

[Games] In Case You Forgot, Game Reviews Are Awesome

If you don't find game reviews more helpful than ever before, you just haven't been reading the right ones.

[Games] Why do game sites spend so much time covering games they don't even like?

Wouldn't it make more sense to alert audiences to all of the sweet indie games that are otherwise ignored? Well, not necessarily...

Why would anyone care about Metacritic?

Recently, I've seen a number of complaints about Metacritic, and some freelancers wonder why anyone even cares about the popular aggregation site. I thought it might be helpful, then, to point to some reasons those people might not have considered.

Before I go any further, I'd like to add that I have been trying to get Metacritic to link to reviews on my site, HonestGamers, since December 5, 2004. I still have a copy of the awkward first email to prove it. None of those efforts have gone anywhere productive. Metacritic's editor has declined to add links each time I asked. He is under no obligation to explain precisely why that is, and he never has (despite always being very friendly).

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GameJournoPros Membership: Scarlet Letter or Non-Story?

Several years ago, Kyle Orland told me about a group he ran on Google where various freelancers and editors from different leading outlets met to talk about available assignments, set up play sessions for multiplayer games, share PR contacts, and just relax. He was talking about the GameJournoPros group on Google, and he invited me to join.

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Hope Not For the Death of the Gamer

Several blog posts were recently published at leading outlets that suggest the "gamer" is dead. Since then, people have been arguing about whether or not there's any truth to the notion. Personally, I believe the bulk of those arguments are harmful without any potential for a positive outcome because not a lot of people seem to have taken the time to ask a pertinent question: exactly what is a gamer?

I recently spoke up to defend the gamer on my Twitter account, and a long-time acquaintance of mine (who once identified as a gamer) said that gamers are "subhuman scum." He added (sadly, I thought) that "I wouldn't want to be caught dead being called a 'gamer.'" As far as I know, he still plays and enjoys games regularly.

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Does the Wii U library really contain no games?

How bad is the Wii U's available software lineup? Pretend for a second that you can't play the entire Wii library on it (with slightly upgraded visuals), which is a huge freaking deal for someone just considering a return to the world of Nintendo entertainment. Ignore Virtual Console. What does that leave?

Earlier today, I posted on Twitter to suggest that people who dismiss some systems--and certainly, I had Wii U partly in mind--as having "no games" simply don't like a variety of genres. I like games in most genres, wrestling and sports sims aside, so I'm fairly easy to please. My comment prompted the response that I was making an excuse which shouldn't apply to a system that has been on the market for a year.

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