Nakaimo: My Little Sister is Among Them (Episode 10)

Posted by Jason Venter (July 28, 2014)

Though "Nakaimo: My Little Sister is Among Them" features an ensemble cast, it's clear from one episode to the next that certain girls will enjoy their turns in the spotlight. This time around, the leading lady is once again Yuzerina. As the episode opens, she is having tea with Shougo in his apartment. Their topic of conversation is the upcoming dance, and almost before he knows it, Shougo finds that he will be escorting all of the young ladies in his life to the dance.

The night of the dance arrives, and Shougo waits by the curb with Yuzerina while a limousine pulls up to it. The girls pile out of it, behaving mostly like their usual selves. The exceptions are Konoe, who is suddenly quite shy and quick to blush, after the near-kiss from just recently, and Miyabi. The latter is wearing a yellow dress and when Shougo compliments her on it--while noting that he liked the dress she wore to the other dance, also--she doesn't seem to know quite how to take it. Probably she is thinking that he has a lot of nerve complimenting her formal wear when (for all she knows) he kissed Konoe.

Inside the hall, Shougo's mom takes a long time to explain that she's not one for giving long speeches, and Shougo cuts her short after she makes a remark about how speeches and skirts should be kept short. That's just fine with Mana Tendou, who scarfs down a bunch of food the minute she can.

The dance goes quite well once it starts, except Miyabi goes missing. Shougo and his friends start looking for her among the various hallways in the large hotel building, and it is while conducting that search that Shougo finds his mother's assistant, Risa Seri, seated at a bench. He is about to approach when someone pulls him back around the hallway corner from behind, hand clamped over his mouth. That someone is Mr. X, who advises him that something isn't quite right about Risa Seri. Together, they peer around the corner and see her talking with someone on the phone. She says some awfully troubling things about trying to bring shame to Shougo, according to a plan that is apparently in the works.

Shougo is stunned, and not comfortable with the implications of what he has just heard. After all, Risa Seri is the one to whom he sent DNA for testing. It leaves me to wonder if the reported results can really be trusted, and indeed, it's not even entirely clear that a "little sister" actually exists.

Mr. X and Shougo agree that they should go to his mother, but they disagree on the timing. Shougo thinks it's a good idea to go immediately, while Mr. X points out that they don't have anything in the way of hard proof. Shougo's mother trusts Risa Seri completely, and will insist on proof before she believes any accusations.

Shougo doesn't have much time to think about what proof he might find, because Yuzerina calls to let him know that she has found Miyabi. Though pleased, Shougo has a lot on his mind and he is anxious to talk to Yuzerina. He summons her to the third floor lobby, where he shares his concerns. Yuzerina appears to take things in stride, and even volunteers to go public about her identity. In exchange, she says, Shougo needs to abandon his "immoral" lifestyle (which so far hasn't included anything actually immoral that I can see) and prove that he can love only one woman. That will make him a worthy successor to his father, she asserts.

The notion doesn't scare Shougo as much as it once might have, and he agrees to Yuzerina's terms. Then, she says that Miyabi is likely waiting for him, and that she probably will have difficulty expressing her feelings even if she cares for him (which Shougo seems to doubt, despite the previous episode where she went running out of his apartment crying after he spurned her advances).

When Shougo and Miyabi are finally reunited, she seems to have no reservations, and even leans into him for a kiss. At that point, it becomes apparent that something is wrong. Somehow, the girl is drunk. Apparently, she drank wine instead of grape juice, and it's all she can do to keep herself from vomiting.

The scene fades to a new one, where Miyabi is in bed in a suite. Shougo assures her that he did nothing immoral while she was asleep, and she goes to take a shower after saying that she is "sweaty." Shougo feels the bed, but if he finds that the sheets are too dry to give credence to her story, he says nothing of the sort. Instead, he lies back on the sheets and waits, which is how she eventually emerges from the shower and tackles him to the bed. First she demands to know if her breasts are larger than they look, and then she suggests that they ought to have sex.

Sex does seem like it's about to happen, until Miyabi starts crying and Shougo finds himself promising that he will stay by her side. She falls asleep then, and Shougo makes a liar out of himself by heading down to the foyer, where the other girls are departing. He's just in time for his mom to chew him out. She thinks it was a stupid idea to invite all of the girls to the event, and really only gave in because Risa Seri pushed for it.

Shougo is confused, but not as confused as he'd probably be if he knew that later that night, Yuzerina sat in her bathtub, scheming. "Pieces are falling into place," she says, deviously. "All that remains…"

Whatever remains won't be revealed just yet, because the episode concludes.

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