Nakaimo: My Little Sister is Among Them (Episode 11)

Posted by Jason Venter (July 28, 2014)

The eleventh episode of "Nakaimo: My Little Sister is Among Them" is titled "My Little Sister's Trap," and I have to admit that after watching it, I'm not entirely certain what that trap might be.

The episode begins with Shougo dreaming of the day during his childhood when he saved Konoe from a collision with a car. He wakes to the sound of Yuzerina knocking on him door, yelling at him that he needs to get ready for school. She fixed him breakfast, and they eat it while conversing. She makes a remark that they seem like newlyweds, which briefly prompts Shougo to see her as a potential love interest, an idea he isn't anxious to embrace given their apparent blood relation.

It was just a joke, she tells him, when she sees his discomfort. He asks if her comments about wanting to marry him (spoken in the first episode, from outside the room where he was waiting for his father's funeral) were also a joke. She says something to the effect that she never said such a thing, and points out that anyone can claim to be his sister. Perhaps, she suggests, it was a prank. Shougo considers that while Yuzerina smirks privately.

When Shougo arrives at class, he finds that Miyabi is missing. Ms. Kitori, upon being queried, reports that the girl is apparently sick with a cold.

Shougo heads to the rooftop and meets Mr. X, who warns him that someone involved in the attempt to discredit him is actively involved in his life. She stresses that he must exercise caution, then manages to fall asleep sitting up and slumps against him. Shougo is figuring out how to respond to that when two classmates arrive on the rooftop. They stammer quickly that they didn't see anything and close the door behind them, but he can hear their excited talk as they depart. Clearly, they thought something scandalous was happening, despite their claims to the contrary.

Once class lets out for the day, Shougo and Konoe head to Marie Chocolate and fetch a treat for Miyabi, to cheer her up during her apparent illness. As they walk toward her apartment, Konoe can't help but reflect on the memorable circumstances when she met with Shougo at this location, weeks ago.

When they reach their destination, Shougo knocks on the door. Miyabi, clothed in pajamas, answers the door and opens it wide enough that she sees Shougo waiting, which cheers her. Then she opens it wider and also spots Konoe, which doesn't do quite as much to improve her spirits. The two enter Miyabi's apartment and reveal that they brought her a treat, while she offers the excuse that she didn't have a cold so much as fatigue.

Konoe tries to make tea, but finds that they are running low on supplies. She heads out to her own apartment, which isn't far away, and cautions Miyabi and Shougo to be good in her absence. She is gone a long while, and during that time, Miyabi tells Shougo that she won't return to class unless he kisses her. After he tries to stammer his way out of that one, she changes her mind and says that they have a date on Sunday. "It's a promise!" she insists, as Konoe returns.

That night, Shougo shares another meal with Yuzerina, who has prepared supper for him. He loves the food and eats it greedily, while Yuzerina watches with an unreadable expression that he misses. She also begs him not to be deceived, and insists that she saw Konoe at his father's funeral, even though the other girl told Shougo that she was in class and couldn't attend the event.

Shougo considers it that evening, and wonders why Konoe would have lied to him about such a thing. There is also the possibility that Yuzerina is fibbing, of course, though exactly what either one of them might have meant with their possible deception is still difficult to say. Not every lie suggests blood relation.

In class the next day, Shougo finds that Miyabi has returned. She is soon accosted by the school journalists, who want to take pictures of Miyabi in her swimwear. She sees it as an invitation to be a pin-up girl, and the notion pleases her, though the other students say that isn't the case. Shougo watches in bemusement, and Miyabi reminds him of his "promise" that they would have a date on Sunday.

When Sunday does arrive, they take the agreed upon date, though Miyabi is late arriving. They head to the movies, go shopping for clothes for Miyabi, take a detour at the pool while she swims laps (and Shougo watches from a chair), and conclude with a visit to the Lyrical Sisters café. It is quite the busy date, though Shougo seems to be participating out of a sense of obligation rather than personal interest.

Finally, the episode ends with ominous music and a view of some office space, where Mr. X sits at a computer, doing research. She finds a picture from the "Granbarion" cartoon that Shougo likes so much, and one of the characters bears a striking resemblance to one of the characters in Shougo's life. Her short-cropped dark hair means she could easily be Mr. X, or Yuzerina, or Konoe. I figure the scene is an important teaser of what's to come in the final episode, but I'm too dense to figure it out myself. In any event, I'm sure the writers explain it shortly in the coming episode, titled "My Sister Was Always Beside Me."

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