Nakaimo: My Little Sister is Among Them (Episode 12)

Posted by Jason Venter (July 29, 2014)

Titled "My Sister Was Always Beside Me," the eleventh episode of "Nakaimo: My Little Sister is Among Them" promises and delivers the identity of Shougo's actual little sister, with a clear and genuinely satisfying summation of the otherwise confusing events that puts "Scooby-Doo" cartoons to shame.

If you're planning to watch this episode, and especially if you haven't finished all of the previous ones yet, then you should skip reading this article. That's because much of the episode is devoted to various revelations that will spoil virtually everything up to this point. The events here might make for a satisfying conclusion, but they're no good if you were planning to experience the story's more mysterious elements with fresh eyes.

As the episode begins, Miyabi is swimming in a pool, practicing for the upcoming swim meet. As she does, she remembers times when her mother would come to the side of the pool and cheer her on, then afterwards take her somewhere for an ice cream treat.

The next scene jumps back in time briefly, to the end of the date Shougo and Miyabi enjoyed that concluded with a visit to Lyrical Sisters. There, they shared a large sundae, and Shougo put a spoonful of ice cream into Miyabi's mouth, just like her mother used to do.

Next, Yuzerina is leaving her apartment on the evening of that date when she sees Shougo and Miyabi winding down their get-together. Shougo offers to walk Miyabi home, who declines. She jumps up and plants a kiss on his lips, though, which he doesn't return. Then she asks him to go out with her, and he says that he can't. As Miyabi runs away down the street, Shougo looks up and sees that he has an audience. As Yuzerina claims she didn't mean to eavesdrop, Shougo angrily tells her that they need to talk.

The discussion is the big reveal. Shougo recalls a recent conversation they had where Yuzerina bravely said she was ready to expose herself to the world as an illegitimate child, and that any shame was their father's, not her own. Shougo points out that while those words were true, it's also true that if he were to engage in actual incest, that would be a scandal of his own. That's why, he says, Yuzerina tried to push him together with Miyabi, who is his actual sister.

Yuzerina tries to deny it, noting that the suspect DNA test proves her blood ties, but Mr. X barges into the room with an order to stop the act. It turns out that Yuzerina is a famous actress from the Granbarion show. She looks familiar to Shougo for that reason, and had retired from the public life ten years ago. Someone hired her more recently to play the role of his sister. Now that she has failed in her objective, she means to disappear from his life. Haughtily, she walks out of the room and makes good on that promise, at least for now. Shougo watches out the window, through the curtains, his anger transparent.

The next thing Shougo knows, he's getting an emergency call from Konoe. Apparently, Miyabi was swimming and began struggling. She nearly drowned until she was pulled from the pool. Now she is resting in the nurse's office, on campus.

Shougo rushes to the office, where he is greeted by Sagara. The other girl wonders if Shougo is angry with her for hiding his sister's identity, but he says she was doing him a favor, by watching out for his sister when he couldn't. Now, he heads to Miyabi's bedside, after telling Sagara that he will tell Miyabi everything he knows.

That conversation is more interesting than I expected, because it fills in a lot of small details that were only alluded to in previous episodes. For instance, Shougo explains that Miyabi was the girl who attended his father's funeral and talked about marrying him, which was possible because she was a student recommended by the school and was thus able to take her exams on a different day than Konoe (who really was in class when Shougo's father was buried).

Miyabi admits to it now, and tells how she found out as a child that her father and Shougo's were the same. She had found a letter to her mother, along with money intended to give Miyabi a happy life. When Miyabi saw Shougo growing close to Konoe, she couldn't bear to give her identity away. And when she saw him nearly kiss Konoe in the street that night, Miyabi confronted Yuzerina and told the other girl that she wasn't buying her act because she knew the identity of Shougo's real sister.

That confrontation led to an uneasy alliance between Miyabi and Yuzerina, who asked Miyabi to bring the letter with her to the dance, as proof that what she said was true. At the last minute, Miyabi decided not to hand it over, but Yuzerina stole it. The next day, the imposter denied the existence of the letter, and encouraged Miyabi to do the same, promising her assistance in pushing Miyabi and Shougo into a relationship.

Now, Shougo explains Yuzerina's ulterior motive: to discredit him, so that he couldn't take over the management of his father's company. Miyabi wonders how he can ever possibly forgive her, and he assures her that he does forgive her because they are siblings. In his mind, that actually makes them "more than lovers," a notion that Miyabi likes.

After that, Miyabi is able to return to her old self. She even participates in the planned swim meet, though she doesn't win it. Shougo is still proud and pats her on the head.

Later, he meets with Mr. X on the rooftop, who says that Yuzerina really does seem to have disappeared, but warns him that his enemies may still be planning moves. At that point, several of the girls in Shougo's life arrive on the rooftop. They theorize that since he finally knows the identity of his sister, he is free to pursue the romantic side of life again. They each make their arguments to assist him as he makes his choice, and finally he runs away rather than deciding on the spot.

There is a preview for another episode from there, so the series isn't over yet after all. A final episode titled "Brother, Sister, Lover" will hopefully tie up any final loose ends.

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