Nakaimo: My Little Sister is Among Them (Episode 13)

Posted by Jason Venter (July 29, 2014)

Depending where you look, you'll see the final segment of "Nakaimo: My Little Sister is Among Them" referred to as either an OVA or as the 13th episode. The former is definitely the one that I feel applies, since it's almost entirely fluff and doesn't resolve anything so much as giving viewers one last opportunity to spend time with characters they may have grown to love over the preceding 12 episodes.

Shougo begins the episode asleep, which isn't especially unusual. He's dreaming of the day he first realized he might have a little sister. When he looks out the window at the veiled young woman in this case, she looks back up at him and reveals her identity, which was also revealed in the previous episode. So again, you might not want to keep reading if you haven't watched the earlier stuff.

Promptly, Shougo is roused from his sleep by Miyabi, who also has made him breakfast. Her idea of that particular meal leaves something to be desired, though; she burned the toast and the eggs look like an unappetizing mess. There's also what appears to be lettuce, for reasons that elude me. They also seem to elude Shougo, who barely chokes down the stuff.

Next, it is time for Shougo to get dressed, or so believes Miyabi. She wants to help him with that part of his morning, and the two of them fight until Konoe appears with a cream puff. She drops the box when she spies Miyabi basically mounting a mostly undressed Shougo, who apparently isn't quite strong enough to keep a rambunctious young lady from climbing all over him. He should probably change that about himself, if he plans to run the Mikadono Group. Businessmen can probably rough him up even more.

The walk to school is an awkward affair, with Miyabi clinging to Shougo's arm and Konoe barely containing her distaste for the whole business. She has bigger problems to consider once they arrive at school and take a break between classes. Konoe has prepared Shougo a meal, and so has Rinka Kunitachi. Now they both want Shougo to eat, and Miyabi decides that she will feed him the food. The other two girls lament this unwelcome turn of events.

That's when Sagara and Mr. X appear. Sagara proposes a contest, wherein the various girls vying for Shougo's affections all take him on a date. Miyabi is to determine which one he is allowed to date. As usual, Shougo doesn't raise nearly enough objections to the rather silly notion, and so it is put into play with the first date going to President Tendo.

Mana Tendou has been presented throughout the series as a lover of sweets and other foods, so perhaps it should come as no surprise when she announces the themed "concept" for her date with Shougo: a fluffy date in candy land. That means a tour of various candy shops and eateries, which Shougo finds pleasingly carefree. As the date wraps up, he even imagines himself living on a diet of pancakes and playing with Mana's bouncy boobs using a spatula. The lecherous look on his face is enough that Miyabi puts the kibosh on the date, and it's another girl's turn from there.

The next girl to date Shougo is Sagara, who takes him on a tour of various themed cafes around the area. She starts with the Evil Eye Café, where some fellow students are working, but Shougo leaves with her almost as soon as they enter. Other stops include the Married Woman Café, where an older woman with huge boobs takes a servile approach to greeting them. Later, back at Lyrical Sisters, Shougo pictures himself coming home to Sagara each evening, with her in that position. She has only a scrub brush covering anything pertinent below the waist, and Shougo blurts out "Why a scrub brush?"

Naturally, Miyabi assumes Shougo is thinking dirty thoughts again, and that date ends. The next one takes place between Shougo and Mr. X, who takes him on a traditional outing that includes a photo booth, as well as a drink at a café where they share bendy straws that form a heart shape. There doesn’t seem to be anything indecent about the date, but Miyabi still doesn’t like it and interrupts before things can get too far along.

Then it's off to a brief date with Rinka, who introduce Shougo to her parents. The parents leave the two of them alone, with obvious approval, which strikes Miyabi as a little too similar to an arranged marriage. So that event quickly ends, also.

Finally, Konoe has her turn. She wisely decides to involve Miyabi and the others in the date, which takes place at an amusement park. Shougo, Konoe and Miyabi spend most of the day enjoying one another's company, with Miyabi getting treated like royalty. That's a sure ticket to her approval, even as the date winds down at a "Bridal Experience Fair." There, everyone dresses up as brides (or in Shogo's case, a groom), and they take turns having their pictures taken together. First up are Shougo and Konoe, and they invite Miyabi to stand between them.

With that picture snapped, the question becomes who will get to take a picture with Shougo next. The episode and the series conclude with Shougo looking overwhelmed as the ladies rush him, all dressed like brides.

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