HonestGamers and You: A Match Made in Heaven?
May 17, 2019

If you like reading quality video game reviews from independent folks just like you, reviews that cover not just the latest and greatest but the much older and maybe even greater titles most sites skip over these days, please consider this post a sincere invitation to check out HonestGamers.

Just what is HonestGamers? It's a web site I built more than 20 years ago, and it's still operating thanks to continued participation from a number of dedicated gamers. Some of us--and not just me--have been contributing to the site for the better part of two decades. We really enjoy games, and we write about them even though no one is paying us to do it. Along the way, we hope to grow as writers and as critics, but also we hope to let others know about the games we love and the games we don't.

There are all sorts of sites on the Internet these days, and a lot of them cover games and entertainment. HonestGamers is different from many of its peers in a few key ways, and I hope you'll stick with this article just a bit longer so I can tell you about some of them.

For starters: games are our sole focus. That's very old-fashioned of us, we know, but we wouldn't have it any other way. You won't find a bunch of articles about Game of Thrones, or the latest movie trailers and celebrity gossip. We're content to let other sites cover that as we keep our focus squarely on video games.

We have forums and blogs, which we use creatively to support our site's goal of discussing games and the craft of reviewing them, rather than to foster battlegrounds for angry people who just want to call each other names. That means the forums are designed so you can easily leave feedback on reviews, and engage with your fellow writers. Did the review mention something you found interesting and you'd like a little elaboration? Ask away! Did you write a review and you're hoping for some specific feedback? Check a box when you submit your review and invite constructive criticism. It's all baked into the site.

And yes, you can submit reviews. We hope you will! Although we have volunteer site staff who contribute as we can, we really like getting to know additional folks who might have something to say. There are thousands upon thousands of games out there (quite a few of them listed in our database), and we probably wouldn't be able to cover everything even if we had hundreds of writers and no time restrictions. So if you're comfortable writing about your passion for games by reviewing individual titles or even just discussing your latest exploits in games on your personal site blog, that makes the experience better for everyone!

There's a lot to see at HonestGamers, including somewhere around 10,000 quality game reviews contributed over the years by many different writers. We also host news articles and detailed game guides (though not in similarly large quantities), and we stay busy keeping the great content coming. We're just hoping more people will get involved: reading, writing and posting on the forums and blogs...

Basically, the more people who get involved and make HonestGamers a part of their daily or weekly online routine (and not just a place to visit when someone posts a particularly enticing link on social media), the more useful the community can become for everyone. Please take a look at the site today, and stick around if you find the same potential some of us have already seen--and in many cases enjoyed--for most of two decades. And hey, feel free to bring a friend!


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