Super Monkey Ball 3D

Posted by Jason Venter (September 22, 2013)

As a long-time fan of SEGA's most popular primates, I anticipated that any Super Monkey Ball 3D review I might write would end with a recommendation that you pick up the game at the earliest opportunity. After all, there was once a point when I had to decide between purchasing Super Mario Galaxy and Super Monkey Ball 2 and I went with the latter.

Unfortunately, Super Monkey Ball is a franchise that hasn't ever really been as good as it was for its first installment. I keep buying the new ones and hoping for the best, but I've been disappointed more often than not.

The good news for me in the case of Super Monkey Ball 3D is that I got to play the game as part of a Super Monkey Ball 3D guide assignment for IGN. My copy of the game was handily furnished, and all I had to do was play through it and write about it in a way that allows others to more fully enjoy their time with the title...

...which is what I then did. If you're a fellow owner of Super Monkey Ball 3D, I hope you'll give the guide a look and I hope it will help you find anything you might have missed. That's what it's there for, after all.

Jason Venter is a freelance blogger who spends most of his time writing about games and technology. Follow him on Twitter if you dare, at @jasonventer.

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