Toy Story 3

Posted by Jason Venter (September 22, 2013)

When Disney announced its Disney Infinity projects and details began to surface, I thought to myself "That sounds a lot like Toy Story 3," and I was happy because the Toy Story 3 video game was awesome. It was, I maintain, better than Disney Infinity wound up being.

If you're interested in just what made the title so good, you can check out my Toy Story 3 review at HonestGamers. It goes into some detail.

Naturally, I wouldn't have ever played the game if not for my assignment to write a Toy Story 3 guide for IGN. I like the series of Pixar films well enough, but I still haven't watched number three--even after purchasing the blu-ray during a special sale at the local department store--and I tend to ignore any and all related merchandise.

A lot of IGN guides I wrote during that period have been converted to the new wiki format and their navigation options haven't been fixed. The Toy Story 3 guide, however, received some love and care from a wiki editor and now it looks every bit as good as it did when it was first posted. If you're just playing through the game now and you get stuck somewhere, look to the guide and you'll be making progress again in no time!

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