[Books] The Thin Man

A breezy sort of detective story that makes me wish Hammett explored these characters in additional novels.

[Books] The Glass Key

Takes Hammett's usual focus on murder and mixes it with a dash of political corruption, with mixed results.

[Books] The Maltese Falcon

If you're a fan of noir detective fiction but you haven't read this novel, fix that at the earliest opportunity.

The Dain Curse

"The Dain Curse" is, from what I can tell, the second novel written by Dashiell Hammett, who I believe also wrote only two books about his fictional Continental detective agency. This one is the pseudo-sequel to his first novel, "Red Harvest," which felt enough different that I wasn't sure it even featured the same protagonist until very nearly the end.

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Red Harvest

Somehow, I managed to reach my mid-30s without knowing about Dashiell Hammett, the classic American writer who many credit with creating the "hard-boiled detective" subgenre. He is famous for writing "The Maltese Falcon," a book I had heard referenced because it was apparently made into a popular movie, but that was his third novel. To see the first novel he ever produced, one must go further back, to "Red Harvest."

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Top Secret Twenty-One

I wish that I could read a new Stephanie Plum story and enjoy it as effortlessly as I did the early installments, but those days are long gone. Instead, I can typically expect a good story that amuses me but also leaves me wishing for better. "Top Secret Twenty-One," a recent installment in the series, lived up to lowered expectations.

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Takedown Twenty

"Takedown Twenty," the twentieth installment in Janet Evanovich's popular series about bounty hunter Stephanie Plum, does very little that its predecessors did not, and does none of what it does as well as those same predecessors did.

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