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Announcing my first new novel in more than 20 years
August 19, 2021

With each passing day, it somehow looks increasingly likely that I will soon have another book to offer for sale online. That's exciting for me, because the last time I got to that point was when I released "Defiant Light," way back in the year 2000. Evolving wisdom states that a self-published writer should produce new books regularly, and I feel like waiting more than two decades between titles doesn't really honor the spirit of that oft-repeated advice.

Before I say anything more, I would like to stress that the cover this post reveals is tentative, as is the title and the name of the series. However, all of that is less tentative than most things a person like me might christen with that particular adjective. I like the title "Forest Lessons" and it seems reasonably unique, plus it lends itself well to additional volumes in the series that can keep the whole "lessons" theme going. I like the artwork I secured, as well.

As for the story, I like that too. I haven't yet put together an official blurb to properly introduce the book just yet, but the general idea is that a young man named Edmund has gotten himself in some serious trouble. He leaves town in a hurry, appointed the role of assistant to a paladin named John who is mourning the death of his wife. Together, the two men travel west to a forest northwest of the remote town of Langston, where they hope to stop a killer who has committed a series of grisly murders. Before he knows it, Edmund finds himself challenging much of what he thought he knew about magic, life and love.

"Forest Lessons" is the first volume in an anticipated series, "The Paladin's Assistant," which I hope to expand with follow-up novels in 2021 and beyond. I've already completed the initial draft, and have begun my first run at revisions. After however many additional passes prove necessary have occurred, I will format and publish the book online. With any luck, it should be available sometime this September.

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