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Free Fiction
April 14, 2023

It's difficult to build an audience when you're an indie author. I noticed that a lot of writers overcome that hurdle with a mailing list, and they get people to sign up for their mailing list by offering free fiction (known as a "reader magnet") they can't get anywhere else.

This approach like a win from basically all sides, so I've decided to attempt it. This page will feature any free fiction you can acquire by signing up for my mailing list. Make sure to come here first and follow any links below, which will take you to the StoryOrigin. If you like free fiction, you very possibly already have a free account.

On the StoryOrigin landing page, you can sign up for my list and download the fiction in question.

The Portal: A Fantasy Short Story (approx. 8500 words)

Set in the same world as The Paladin's Assistant, this story follows two young boys as they venture through a portal and explore an inhospitable world.

Any fiction you see linked above is all that's available for now. I won't give a lot of fiction away, but do check back periodically in case I've added anything new. I'll try to keep people informed with my newsletter, and with posts to social media. I don't want anyone missing out!

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