Site Relaunch
November 07, 2018

Hello there, theoretical reader! You're witnessing the first post on this domain in nearly two years, which follows intense development of a new custom CMS to put everything in order. What's with all the industry? It's simple: I'm trying to get back into the business of writing about games as a freelancer, after a lengthy period spent doing very little of that sort of thing. I figure having a portfolio and blog site that is in lean, mean fighting shape might give me a better chance at actually making that happen.

If you saw the old version of the site, then you know it featured a variety of blog posts on a variety of topics. The problem was that I felt a certain sense of obligation to keep those posts coming on a semi-regular schedule. I had to come up with so much content or the site felt like it was simply stagnating. That was never going to work long-term.

So this site relaunch is an attempt to get things back on track. There's still a blog, but it's not divided across categories I'll never update. Now I'll just post whatever--and whenever--I feel like posting, whether that winds up being a book review every week or two, or irregular commentary on this or that sandwiched between months of inactivity.

I also hope to showcase the fruits of any freelance work I find, and on the personal side, I would like to spend more time writing fiction in the coming years. Whatever the future holds, I feel like this new design is better equipped to fit naturally in my life.

If you ever see me post something that demands or encourages a response, you're welcome to sign up for a free account. The functionality is there, and you'll need an account if you want to respond to any of my posts. But frankly, I'm happy if you just read what interests you and call it good. That... and please do let me know if you find any freelance work for which I would be a good match. I'm always into that!


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