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Posted by Jason Venter (December 03, 2016)

My name is Jason Venter. I am a freelancer blogger, a webmaster, a gamer and a number of other things that probably aren't relevant to this post. Today, I am posting to let you know that I suddenly find myself without the sort of regular work that will allow me to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly. I would like to revert to or even improve upon the prior condition that I enjoyed this morning, which found me just barely managing to pay for lodgings and food. So I thought I would tell you a bit about the skills I possess that you might be able to use as you build online projects.


I can work with HTML.

I don't want to oversell this quality, but I've been using HTML for almost 20 years. I used HTML, CSS, PHP and assorted other knowledge to build the very web site you are viewing. From scratch. I also built HonestGamers from scratch.

I am not telling you this as a way to offer my web design skills. Rather, I am letting you know that I am at least as comfortable as most applicants when you need someone to work with light HTML. You won't have to spend 10 minutes acquainting me with the process to make text bold or to italicize it.

I am familiar with Wordpress.

I've never designed sites in Wordpress, but I'm comfortable enough with the CMS that I can submit articles within it. I have done so for multiple outlets, working within a variety of templates.

I can write game reviews.

I have written more than 700 reviews for my own site. I wrote more than 50 reviews during my time as an editor at Hardcore Gamer Magazine (now-defunct, but awesome while it lasted). I have written more than 50 reviews for GameSpot, wrote several for Joystiq (RIP), wrote around 10 more for GamesRadar and I have also written reviews elsewhere.

I can write game guides.

I have written around 50 guides for IGN, and I have written guides of varying degrees of depth for a number of other leading outlets, including GameSpot and Polygon. I also built a custom CMS to write guides for my own site, HonestGamers, and they're pretty great.

I can write news articles.

I currently write editorial for a few clients where my work is uncredited, but I have also written credited work for outlets such as Nvision and Hands-On for several years. I also wrote a number of articles for IGN, though I ultimately had to pursue other work due to scheduling conflicts at the time.

I am very familiar with video games.

My personal library of games, including digital titles, includes approximately 2700 titles. It continues to grow, when I have money to spend on such things. I have been playing games since around 1988, for a variety of systems. I am an obsessive fan of console games in particular, but I have also played and written about numerous games for PC, iOS and Android. My background makes it easy to jump in and get to work (though I currently know next to nothing about competitive gaming, and sports titles are definitely not an area of expertise).

I can be a community manager.

I do have experience as a community manager. It's not substantial experience, but I was the community manager at Hardcore Gamer Magazine's official site for approximately a year, and I have been the de facto community manager at my own site for most of two decades. I enjoy civil interactions with other people who share my interests (games, primarily), and I'm always looking for ways to ignite a community. That's especially true if that community has resources.

I read and write fiction quite a lot.

I have read hundreds of novels in my lifetime, in a variety of genres. I especially enjoy mystery novels, as well as fantasy and science fiction. I have written in those two genres myself. I am comfortable discussing fiction and looking into what makes it work, generally in an online workshop environment.


If any of the above skills sound like a good match for work that you have available, I would love to hear from you. Reach out to me through the Contact link at the bottom of this page, or reach me directly at jasonventer AT yahoo DOT com. I am attempting to replace at least $1500 of monthly income. I tend to work quickly, I am thorough, and I take pride in the work I do for you and your brand. For recommendations and additional information about my experience and education, please see my LinkedIn profile. I hope to hear from you soon, so we can achieve great things together!

Jason Venter is a freelance blogger who spends most of his time writing about games and technology. Follow him on Twitter if you dare, at @jasonventer.

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