Terminator: Salvation

Posted by Jason Venter (September 22, 2013)

Would you believe that I've never watched a Terminator film from start to finish? Once while I was on break at work, I saw part of the second film on TV because someone had left it on that channel, but I never even got to see Arnold. Nearly everything I know about that film series comes from jokes people make on the Internet.

Well, and from playing Terminator: Salvation for PlayStation 3 when I wrote the guide for it...

As my Terminator: Salvation review will tell you, that wasn't the best of experiences. The game was a bit glitchy, and the design was rather unimaginative. I guess the film is pretty decent, but you wouldn't know it from playing the overly generic game.

The good news for me is that writing my Terminator: Salvation guide didn't take long. I even got a lot of good screenshots, though you wouldn't know it to look at the guide. So much of the game looks about the same at a glance. You have to really pay attention to see the bright spots.

In any event, I'm glad I accepted the assignment because it's nice to land an easy gig every once in awhile, between all the RPGs and such I so often cover. And hey, if you get stuck while playing the game, now you have that guide to consult. Win-win!

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