Thor: God of Thunder

Posted by Jason Venter (September 22, 2013)

I have yet to see the movie "Thor," even though it has received some rather high praise and features some impressive talent. There are many possible reasons for this oversight, but I can't help but feel that I was soured on the whole thing because the video game tie-in disappointed me so much.

Check out my Thor: God of Thunder review if you want the full story. The short version is that SEGA produced another barely average brawler, then allowed it to be crippled by technical issues (somewhere, I think I still have video of a glitch I found that I could only resolve by restarting a rather expansive level) and generally rough edges.

You very probably won't get much enjoyment out of the game. If you do find yourself playing it for some reason, though, consult my Thor: God of Thunder guide to make the process a little easier to take. You'll find a walkthrough of the whole campaign, complete with tips to help you get past some of the challenging bosses and irritating scenarios you'll encounter along the way.

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