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I'm a writer first, and everything else is secondary. This site's purpose is to connect you to that writing, whether you are an editor looking for a freelancer to write about games and technology on your site (I write reviews, news and guides), or a friend or even a fan (it could happen) interested in my fiction endeavors. If the mood strikes me, I might even share a few opinions on other related things. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you find something of interest!

HonestGamers and You: A Match Made in Heaven?
May 17, 2019

If you like reading quality video game reviews from independent folks just like you, reviews that cover not just the latest and greatest but the much older and maybe even greater titles most sites skip over these days, please consider this post a sincere invitation to check out HonestGamers.

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In Defense of the Content Creator Who Turns to Patreon
January 04, 2019

I've recently seen condescending remarks directed toward people who turn to Patreon as a potential source of income, rather than employing "an actual business model." And I get it. Society has taught us that if people ask for money in exchange for creating content, they're fair game. Mock away!

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Site Relaunch
November 07, 2018

Hello there, theoretical reader! You're witnessing the first post on this domain in nearly two years, which follows intense development of a new custom CMS to put everything in order. What's with all the industry? It's simple: I'm trying to get back into the business of writing about games as a freelancer, after a lengthy period spent doing very little of that sort of thing. I figure having a portfolio and blog site that is in lean, mean fighting shape might give me a better chance at actually making that happen.

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