[Reviews] Serpent's Tooth

Shows the sort of unfortunate regression that makes a reader wonder if Kellerman fired a good editor, or just hired a bad ghost writer.

[Reviews] Prayers for the Dead

An apparently simple homicide becomes a complex case because as Decker explores the lives of the people left behind.

[Reviews] Justice

Kept me guessing and surprised me by making me genuinely care about the receiving end of Peter Decker's investigation.


Even if I eventually go on to read every novel Faye Kellerman has written and will write about Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus, which is the plan, I doubt I'll ever enjoy another one as much as I enjoyed "Sanctuary." The seventh installment in the series finally delivers on the promise of its predecessors, providing a story that combines an interesting core mystery with a in-depth look at Judaism and the expected domestic turmoil to boot.

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Grievous Sin

I've noted in the past that Faye Kellerman's series of books about Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus seems to be getting better with each new installment. I'm not sure "Grievous Sin" keeps that trend alive, but it's very good and at least shows that the previous installment in the series wasn't a fluke.

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False Prophet

So far, every Faye Kellerman book I've read has proven more satisfying than its immediate predecessor, and that trend continued with "False Prophet." It is the fifth book in the series, and introduces an interesting cast of characters in support of a similarly interesting mystery, without the periodically abrasive series protagonist doing too much to get on my nerves.

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Day of Atonement

"Day of Atonement" is my favorite book in Faye Kellerman's series, at least that I've yet read, which I suppose isn't saying a whole lot since it's only the third one (and the fourth in the series, owing to library availability and time constraints).

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