[Reviews] Rollers of the Realm

Just the sort of game you'd probably try playing if you always wished Pinball Quest got a sequel.

[Reviews] Disney Planes

If your kids like flying games and the Wii U, this one is a no-brainer. Otherwise, probably not so much.

[Reviews] Cannon Brawl

You shoot my castle, I'll shoot yours. With cannons!


A few years ago, I started reading "Changes" by Jim Butcher, and then I quit. I had read every book in the series up to that point, and I had enjoyed all of them to varying degrees, but I didn't make it very far into the next book before I lost interest. That was a mistake.

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No, really, your $1 can make a difference!

Did you know that simply by donating $1 to the HonestGamers Patreon project, you can have very nearly the same impact on the site's financial future as if you had visited 8000 pages while the site was still running ads? I'll bet you didn't, but it's absolutely true and I can explain.

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Kinsey and Me: Stories

Once I finished the latest novel from Sue Grafton, I was left with no Kinsey Millhone stories to read unless I turned my attention toward a short story collection, "Kinsey and Me: Stories." This I did with some reluctance, since the short story is not my favorite format. However, I was hopeful that Grafton's talents would work in smaller doses. The good news is that in several cases, they very much did.

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W Is for Wasted

Going into " W Is for Wasted," the most recent novel in the Alphabet Mysteries series that features sleuth Kinsey Millhone, I knew surprisingly little about the plot. "Two dead men changed the course of my life that fall…" read the only plot summary provided on the paperback's rear cover, which is also the first sentence in the brief prologue.

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