[Previews] The Crew

It's in the beta phase, so of course there are wrinkles, but The Crew still left me looking forward to its retail debut this November.

[Reviews] H Is for Homicide

Kinsey Millhone takes a break from solving mysteries to lounge around Los Angeles with some criminal types.

[Reviews] G Is for Gumshoe

A tense mystery thriller, with a killer of a subplot and an interesting case to keep your mind delightfully busy.

F Is for Fugitive

" F Is for Fugitive" follows the excellent "E Is for Evidence," and I know that must be part of the reason I didn't enjoy it much as I would have liked. It's not a bad mystery novel, but there's little about it that feels particularly noteworthy. It sort of just exists.

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E Is for Evidence

By the time you read "E is for Evidence," you've hopefully also read the four books that preceded it and you know Kinsey Millhone is a more than capable sleuth. Her new client could put all of her skills to the test, though, because her new client is… Kinsey Millhone.

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Does the Wii U library really contain no games?

How bad is the Wii U's available software lineup? Pretend for a second that you can't play the entire Wii library on it (with slightly upgraded visuals), which is a huge freaking deal for someone just considering a return to the world of Nintendo entertainment. Ignore Virtual Console. What does that leave?

Earlier today, I posted on Twitter to suggest that people who dismiss some systems--and certainly, I had Wii U partly in mind--as having "no games" simply don't like a variety of genres. I like games in most genres, wrestling and sports sims aside, so I'm fairly easy to please. My comment prompted the response that I was making an excuse which shouldn't apply to a system that has been on the market for a year.

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D Is for Deadbeat

"D Is for Deadbeat" is the first Sue Grafton novel to leave me anything less than utterly delighted with the mystery I just read. It's not a bad novel by any means, but the ending didn't quite work for me despite its author's welcome attempt to shake up the formula a bit.

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