[Chatter] W Is for Wasted

Sue Grafton knows how to keep readers satisfied, but this story works best when you're already invested in Kinsey Millhone.

[Reviews] V Is for Vengeance

Yet another enjoyable read from an author who seems nearly incapable of delivering anything else.

[Reviews] U Is for Undertow

Grafton's continued evolution as a writer is another great read, but Kinsey and friends sometimes feel like an afterthought.

GameJournoPros Membership: Scarlet Letter or Non-Story?

Several years ago, Kyle Orland told me about a group he ran on Google where various freelancers and editors from different leading outlets met to talk about available assignments, set up play sessions for multiplayer games, share PR contacts, and just relax. He was talking about the GameJournoPros group on Google, and he invited me to join.

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T Is for Trespass

Elder abuse is a very real, tragic crime. People we trust to take care of our loved ones in their golden years (and eventually ourselves, in our old age) sometimes are more worried about tending to their own needs. The lines they'll gradually cross if their deeds are left unchecked can be downright sickening.

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S Is for Silence

"S Is for Silence" finds novelist Sue Grafton piecing together a tightly-plotted mystery story with some of the most believable (and flawed) characters she has yet produced. Every time around, Grafton seems to get better at tending to the finer points of her craft, but the stories she tells aren't always more enjoyable as a result of her increasing skill. Such was the case here, I felt.

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R Is for Ricochet

" R Is for Ricochet" follows "Q Is for Quarry," which surprised me by being one of my favorite Kinsey Millhone mysteries for some time. The comparison does the newer novel no huge favors, but I was pleased to find that it was quite entertaining nonetheless, thanks in no small part (once again) to the interactions between Kinsey and a new character: Reba Lafferty.

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