[Reviews] Plot Boiler

Another fun mystery about a shop owner and her intelligent cat.

[Reviews] Words with Fiends

Brandon's characters and setting make for a better cozy than average, plus there's a cat. People like cats.

[Reviews] Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

A satisfying first installment in a series I only got around to trying just now.

Going Through the Notions

"Going Through the Notions" secured my purchase primarily because the local department store broke its apparent rule and actually carried the first book in a series. I'm always flabbergasted when that happens, not because it shouldn't happen, but because (in defiance of all logic) it almost never does.

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All the Pretty Hearses

I read--and enjoyed--exactly one previous book by Mary Daheim before I tackled "All the Pretty Hearses," which is the 26th published installment in the author's popular "Bed & Breakfast" series of novels starring amateur sleuth Judith McMonigle Flynn.

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Whose Body

You can only follow discussion about great mystery writers for so long before someone mentions Dorothy L. Sayers. I went years without hearing the name, but once I saw her referenced, it seems like there were additional mentions everywhere, including on the back of some P. D. James paperbacks. When I saw the first book Sayers ever wrote available in a gift shop I was visiting while my wife had surgery in the building, I finally decided the time was right to give her a shot.

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Unnatural Causes

"Unnatural Causes" is the third Adam Dalgliesh mystery from author P. D. James, who passed away in 2014 at the age of 94. Until her death, she was regarded as one of the most talented living mystery writers, and it's easy to see why that was the case.

"Unnatural Causes" opens with a strikingly written passage about a man who is found drifting in a boat, dead. Someone has taken the time to remove his hands, so it's a grim scene indeed, in spite of the beautiful descriptions.

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