[Reviews] Time to Murder and Create

Matthew Scudder takes on an intriguing case at least as interesting as his previous one.

[Reviews] Killing Bridezilla

Laura Levine is up to her usual standards, which means another breezy Jaine Austen yarn.

[Reviews] Flash and Bones

My introduction to the written version of Bones was enjoyable, but not as familiar as I anticipated.

Grace Against the Clock

"Grace Against the Clock," the fifth in Julie Hyzy's series of mystery novels about the fictional Manor House, is named about as cleverly as any novel I can remember ever reading. I just had to get that out there. As for the story, it's a lot of fun too.

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Forget Me Knot

"Forget Me Knot" is the first novel in a new series from Mary Marks, who also is a first-time novelist. That fact might suggest that the story she tells here is lackluster, owing to inexperience, but there are plenty of times throughout history when writers have manage to get things right with the first published attempt. This is one of them.

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Not the Killing Type

I picked up "Not the Killing Type" because I was interested in taking another trip to the fictional town of Stoneham, last seen in "Murder on the Half Shelf." When I finished reading that previous book in the series, I wasn’t exactly in love with the recurring heroine, Tricia Miles, but I did like the scenery and I figured the next installment would work out nicely.

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The Sins of the Fathers

I decided to try reading something by Lawrence Block after I (mostly) enjoyed a recent movie based on one of his books, "A Walk Among the Tombstones." The Matthew Scudder character, as portrayed by Liam Neeson, had just enough complexity that the rather disappointing case was worth watching for two hours. I figured a book could be even better.

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