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Welcome to my lair! But you're not a fly, and I'm no spider. Actually, I'm a writer. For years, I've written about video games and entertainment around the Internet. Now I'm finally ready to get back to my most enduring passion: genre fiction. The last time I put sustained effort into writing fiction for others to read was 20 years ago. I've learned a lot about the craft since then and the business of publishing has changed. Join me on my journey to discover whether it has changed enough that I can delight a wide audience with my particular brand of escapism.

Announcing my first new novel in more than 20 years
August 19, 2021

With each passing day, it somehow looks increasingly likely that I will soon have another book to offer for sale online. That's exciting for me, because the last time I got to that point was when I released "Defiant Light," way back in the year 2000. Evolving wisdom states that a self-published writer should produce new books regularly, and I feel like waiting more than two decades between titles doesn't really honor the spirit of that oft-repeated advice.

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Welcome to my writing journey, version 2.0 or thereabouts.
August 01, 2021

I remember spreading books across my bed and playing "bookstore" when I was around seven years old. I loved books at the time and still do. I liked the idea of reading as many of them as I wanted, of writing them, of selling them. 35 years later and counting, nothing has changed except that technology has finally evolved to the point where it might enable many of my childhood aspirations to become reality.

A promising start...

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