[Reviews] R Is for Ricochet

It's always fun to watch Kinsey Millhone fumble through relationships, which makes this newest outing a three-in-one treat.

[Opinion] Hope Not For the Death of the Gamer

The non-fiction version of the gamer is a lot better than you may have been led to believe.

[Reviews] Q Is for Quarry

A slow-paced but engaging read that might never have come to exist if a real woman hadn't died tragically.

P Is for Peril

"P Is for Peril" briefly reintroduces Dana Jaffe, now known as Dana Glazer, who recurring heroine Kinsey Millhone last met in "J Is for Judgment." In that book, Dana was married to Wendell Jaffe, a fugitive on the run. She didn't have a lot of positive things to say about Kinsey, but the passage of time has softened her views and she has even gone so far as to refer a new client.

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Writers Wanted at HonestGamers

I am looking for skilled writers to write about video games at HonestGamers. Founded in 1998 as a Geocities site called Honest Gamer, HonestGamers is one of the oldest independent game sites on the Internet, and it could really benefit from some new blood to keep it going for another 15 years.

HonestGamers is devoted to video game reviews, guides, and discussion that relates to games from all eras. I call it "a celebration of games," because the focus is purely on games, not gossip and politics and agendas.

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O Is for Outlaw

When I started reading "O Is for Outlaw," it was a bit after 8PM and I was seated in a hotel chair on the balcony of the room my wife and I rented for the night, feet propped up on a stool, ocean surf roaring as waves lapped the shore maybe 50 yards away and the sky dimmed from blue to gray to pink. By the time I finished reading, darkness had fallen and most of the hotel's other temporary residents had gone to bed. I had retreated indoors, kicked back in a recliner with my feet up on a padded stool. Basically, you could say that last night I found my ideal way to read novels, and also perhaps my ideal nov

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N Is for Noose

""N" is for Noose (Kinsey Millhone Alphabet Mysteries)" is the 14th novel in the popular "Alphabet Mysteries" series, which features fictional sleuth Kinsey Millhone. If author Sue Grafton eventually writes a book to correspond to each letter, as seems to be her plan, then this is the first step into the second half of that project. It's a good first step, too.

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