[Reviews] Murder in Thrall

A thoroughly disappointing that somehow still left me with hopes for the series.

[Reviews] Cloche and Dagger

There's not much of a mystery here, but everything else is first-rate.

[Reviews] Juju

A fun game that might have been even better if it brought along a bit more originality.

Why would anyone care about Metacritic?

Recently, I've seen a number of complaints about Metacritic, and some freelancers wonder why anyone even cares about the popular aggregation site. I thought it might be helpful, then, to point to some reasons those people might not have considered.

Before I go any further, I'd like to add that I have been trying to get Metacritic to link to reviews on my site, HonestGamers, since December 5, 2004. I still have a copy of the awkward first email to prove it. None of those efforts have gone anywhere productive. Metacritic's editor has declined to add links each time I asked. He is under no obligation to explain precisely why that is, and he never has (despite always being very friendly).

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Scene of the Climb

If I weren't a native Oregonian, I probably still would have picked up "Scene of the Climb" because of the pun in the title. Kate Dyer-Seeley's new series takes place in my home state, and that's a terrific draw to me in particular, but it also features a spunky (and somewhat flawed) heroine who makes reading the story a pleasure.

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The Catcher in the Rye

For years, I've seen references to J. D. Salinger's novel, " The Catcher in the Rye." Narrowly, I missed reading it when I was of high school age, but my classmates sometimes talked about it and then I graduated and was exposed to additional discussion in college. Recently, its author passed away and there was another round of effusive praise for his work in general and that novel in particular. I decided it was time to read it and see what I'd been missing.

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Rollers of the Realm

Despite its problems, I rather enjoyed Pinball Quest on the NES. I always thought it should have received a sequel, but it never did. Then, recently, a Canadian developer saw fit to create what you might call a spiritual successor, and Atlus published it for PC (as well as a variety of other platforms). Good deal, right? Well... not so much.

I went into Rollers of the Realm expecting that it would be different from Pinball Quest, which it was, and that was fine. I didn't have problems with the revised approach in general, but the game definitely didn't click with me for a variety of reasons. I expand on those in my freelance review at GameSpot.

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