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A new urban fantasy series introduces an amateur reaper
June 01, 2022

You won't find articles for each installment here on the blog, because apparently I'm better at writing fiction than I am posting here, but my The Paladin's Assistant series now has three installments. I'm no longer writing new entries in that series, at least for now.

When I thought about what projects I might want to tackle next, I decided to shift genres a bit and write something a bit more mainstream. I'm not always great at producing mainstream fiction, much to my wallet's disappointment, so this has taken a bit of trial and error. I actually completed a first installment in my new series two months ago. However, it didn't feel like the right way to introduce the series. Now that manuscript sits on a figurative shelf, and the plan is to make it available at a later date as a prequel.

I went back to the drawing board and produced a second manuscript. This time, the result felt more like it should serve as a proper series starter, so I've just finished publishing it and you can buy Death and the Shifter on Amazon today!

The novel introduces Molly Coyle, a young private investigator working in Salem, Oregon who recently died but now has been revived as a reaper who works for Azrael, an angel of death. Alongside her trusty talking feline companion, Fuzzy, she must hunt down and execute various deserving targets. Her first potential victim is a wolf shifter. But as you might expect, things don't exactly go as planned.

Although I like The Paladin's Assistant and the stories it allowed me to tell, it didn't find the sort of audience I need if I'm ever going to write fiction for a living. I expect that Death and the Shifter will do a better job of hitting the mark. I already have plans for several more installments in the series in the months ahead, so hopefully I'll have something to report soon. In the meantime, the first book is available to read for free if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, or to purchase at $4.99 as an ebook otherwise. Thanks for reading!

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